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We are a Real Estate investment firm that specialized in the restoration and renovations of historic properties.  Our mission is to preserve and restore historic element of a property while adding modern conveniences for a present day family. We spend countless hours researching and sourcing cost effective period appropriate finishes and materials for our projects.

We are available to provide design services to help neighbors, homeowners, friends and fellow investors achieve function and flow in their homes or investment projects.


Dani Widell is the brains behind Widell Renovations.  She manages our projects from the ground up. Her education consists of a Bachelor in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration from OSU.  GO POKES!  She has a passion for old houses and enjoys the challenge of finding creative ways to make a historic home function well for a modern day family.

George Widell keeps us on our toes.  He likes to be on site with his mom because that means he gets to take a ride in the car.

George Widell


Dani Widell


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